EUROCAN is a private, not-for-profit foundation that addresses climate change and sustainable development, uniting Canadian and European interests.  It builds on its founders’, directors’ and associates’ experience in fostering renewable energies and in providing education and health services. Its objectives are:

  • to broaden the base of sustainable energy supplies,
  • to reduce greenhouse-gas-emissions,
  • to facilitate education and health services,
  • to help people to adapt to climate change.

EUROCAN particularly promotes the development and financing of green projects in developing and transition countries.

EUROCAN Foundation’s capital comes from private sources. EUROCAN is eventually seeking additional contributions from governments and other sources for up-front project development.

EUROCAN’s founders, directors and associates, both European and Canadian, have extensive project and policy experience in Asia, Latin America, Africa and Europe.They have links to the international financial institutions as well as to private finance.

EUROCAN is controlled by a board of trustees which have a financial, education, health and legal background. A number of trustees represent Canada and several European nations in the supervisory committees of supranational financial institutions.